Center Construction Robotics

Digital Automated Systems

The potential for digital automation

Robotic automation will disrupt the traditional techniques of the construction industry. Particularly for large scale and complex envelopes, there are no digital solutions that are easily able to go from planning through to production and assembly on site. In collaboration with industrial partners, the Center for Costruction Robotics aims to apply the state of the art in automation in order to close the digital gap between design and construction.

Robots for the construction industry

The focus is to create innovative processes that enable the construction industry to integrate automation and robotics into real world projects. This approach engages diverse stakeholders along the construction industries value chain in order to develop new methods for design and construction. The Center for Costruction Robotics leverages the integration of academia and industry to push the edge of technological innovation.
Our Team

Prof. Dr.techn. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan

The chair of Individualized Production in Architecture researches intuitive systems for the use of robotics in every stage of construction, from design, to fabrication, assembly and deconstruction. The Chair engages in technical consultation for the automation of construction processes in collaboration with industrial partners.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Kuhnhenne

The Institute of Steel Construction researches materials and methods in steel and composite construction, contributing to advancements in interdisciplinary fields such as windpower, timber and glass construction as well as light weight structures. The emphasis lies on the development of innovative and multifunctional envelope systems.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schmitt

The Production Metrology and Quality Management chair advances the field of integrated measurement methods and develops flexible automation for large scale assembly processes. Technical competence in the fields of positional measurements over large workspaces, computer vision and sensor technologies is complemented by expertise regarding quality and innovation management systems.

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